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Post  IMarcus on Mon Apr 30, 2012 1:14 am

Hey Guys, just thought I'd make a short thread on the commands some people aren't quite sure of all the commands.

The commands are :

:push x (Pushes the user 1 space forward) VIP.

:pull x (Pulls the users 1 space closer to you, have to be ajacent to them) VIP.

:mimic x (Copies the users looks, to take this off you have to change clothes manually) VIP.

:spull x (Pulls the user from anywhere to the space you are facing infront of you) VIP.

:convertcredits (Redeems all goldbars in your hand into credits to use for the catalouge)

:empty (Empties your hand so everything will be cleared: NOTE make sure you place all your goldbars, rares and supers before using this commands otherwise you will lose EVERYTHING)

:pickall (Picks up all of the furni in your room and takes it back to your hand. 'You might have to reload the hotel after using this command if you pick a big room with lots of furni)

:setmax 0-100 (Set's the maximum amount of users to enter your room, so if your room is almost full type :Setmax 50 so more users are able to enter)

:commands (Shows all of the above in a dialog box)

Just thought I'd throw this out there.

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Small Commands Guide. 2qlvdro

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