Banned with only one warning and invalid reason.

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Banned with only one warning and invalid reason. Empty Banned with only one warning and invalid reason.

Post  Slaine on Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:35 am

On 17/06/2012. At 12:09 am. I was banned. "You have been banned from Eubbo for Your actions have been deemed inappropriate"

Before I was banned. I was muted by an unknown moderator, Without a warning or reason. After logging out and back in, I was unmuted. After that I spoke to Kirstyy. I Was obviously angry about being muted with no reason or warning. So a few profanity's were used. I asked Kirstyy to next time, send me a warning and tell me the reason for my muting and the duration of the muting. Kirstyy replied by saying "I was not the one who banned you" My exact reply was. "Well tell the fat fucker who did to next time send me a warning and details of my muting, And not be a prick about it and think he/she is a god." I was enraged by the muting. I believe that the moderators in eubbo hotel think that they can control the players. I believe that we are all equal, i'm human and the moderators are human. And for expressing this opinion/view. I was banned, with only being given one Warning instead of 3. And in my opinion an invalid reason. If I was given a warning and a proper explanation of the situation. I would not be writing this complaint. I have no idea how long my ban is for. But I hope it is not permanent since I enjoy playing on Eubbo. I am requesting an instant un-ban or a valid reason and duration details for my ban. I will argue my case since I have many points that need to be expressed about this situation.


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Banned with only one warning and invalid reason. Empty Bad Staff eubbo has.

Post  troyswarner3791 on Tue Nov 27, 2012 6:46 am

these staff of eubbo think that they control us they dont there supose to make sure we dont do bad things like sexual talking but they think they can kik people out of there own room. i was hosting a FF room the reward was 20 gold bars i had it cause people send me coins, he said show me it and i said no so he kik me that souldnt be allowed.and another thing why cant you host more jobs for eubbo cause people like me aucally know wat there doing unlike these staff of eubbo.and slaines right watch you staff eubbo owner. lol!

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