Banned for no real/true reason

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Banned for no real/true reason Empty Banned for no real/true reason

Post  0bviouslyisArguementative on Thu Sep 13, 2012 4:19 am

Well, only about a week ago, maybe just less, I was banned from Eubbo 'from making too many accounts and avoiding bans' when I wasn't? I wasn't avoiding bans... staff let me make a different account b.c I hated my name 'Thoughtful', well this is the best retro I've been on and I've spent like over £100 on it, ik ur all thinking like, don't spend money on retros, well idgaf it's my money i'll do what i want with it. All i'm asking is that you unban me, yeah i made loads of accounts but not for more credits, cos i hated my name, now ur probs thinking choose a name u like then, well theres such a thing as me changing my mind...


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